BURNS is a collaboration of various musicians from different countries who have come together to perform the songs of Brian Burns.
Brian has been a singer/songwriter for over 30 years. Born in Liverpool, he grew up in Ireland and performed as singer/frontman in bands such as Scream Vision and Seakings Dream in Dublin in the nineties before moving to France in 1993 to perform solo gigs in Lyons, Tours, Valence and of course Paris. From France Brian moved to Germany where he would spend the best part of 15 years touring all major German cities. Performing solo and with his bands ANISH (Traditional and original) and BURNS (rock/pop). Brian has played in major festivals, concerts and gigs throughout Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, USA etc.

In 2005, Brian moved to the polar town of Umea in north Sweden. Here Brian’s song-writing takes on a new slant and is clearly inspired by the wilderness and landscapes that is Lappland, the Arctic Circle and northern Sweden generally.

In the summer of 2008, Brian returned to Ireland to work on his latest songs with musicians from past and present including Ken Murphy from ANISH and various people from Irish band PICTUREHOUSE. The single NORTHERN DREAM was recorded in WESTLAND studios, Dublin (Christy Moore, The Corrs, Shania Twyane etc.) The single is a culmination of the images and atmosphere of Norrland, Sweden in word and song. The video was shot in the mountains on the Norwegian/Swedish border.

In Spring 2009, Brian returned to north Sweden and recorded a new single with the Irish/Swedish combo ARISH. The single includes the tracks “On the road” and “Sandcastles”. Brian spent most of summer 2009 touring with Arish in various parts of Sweden, mostly in Norrland. In the Autumn 2009 Brian recorded the new album INNOCENCE LOST with various members of ARISH and other musicians from Sweden. The album was released at a concert for Save The Children Sweden in Umea, Sweden in December 2009.

Spring 2010 Brian relocated to Stockholm and saw BURNS and friends performing at various festivals including UmeFolk and touring Germany, Holland, USA, Austria and Sweden.
In 2011 BURNS recorded new material in New York, USA and in Co. Wicklow, Ireland and continued the recording process in Sweden and in September 2011 released the new album ‘Stockholm Sky’ online on Spotify with CD launch concert in Stampen, Stockholm, Sweden.
2013 saw BURNS performing in Sweden, Germany, Ireland and USA promoting the album ‘Stockholm Sky’ while also working on the new CD ‘KITES OF JAIPUR’ due for release in Autumn 2013 as well as various performances of his theatre piece ‘Innocence Lost’.

During 2014 and BURNS has performed on various national (Sweden) and international media and has been touring promoting his new album KITES OF JAIPUR. Highlights including performing at the NOBEL Museum in Stockholm at a special evening for Irish Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney. There was also a special concert on 31 October for the Samhain Celtic Festival raising funds for the Stockholm-based charity, Suicide Zero.

2015 saw concerts being arranged and performed to support the Childreach International appeal for Nepal and also for WarChild NGO supporting refugees from the conflict in Syria. There are more photos and infos on these events and more on the news and live links on this website.

During 2016 BURNS toured twice in the USA, performing new material from his song-writing trip to South America in January and February (You can hear LOST IN DRIFTWOOD as a sample track on this website) as well as promoting songs from his album KITES OF JAIPUR. As well as continuing to support the SAMHAIN FESTIVAL in Stockholm (set up by BURNS in 2011) there were several highlights including a farewell gig in Wirstroms in Stockholm, where he was presented with a special gift by the Irish Ambassador to Sweden.

January 2017 sees BURNS relocating to Southampton on the south coast of England where the next adventures await….

All infos concerning performances and other details can be found on this website.